A Series of Tiny Prayers to Father Time

An Escape from the world, from the True and Complex; An entrance to something Surreal, Far more thrilling than the rest

Aggghhh loneliness.


This song really means a lot to me because the words describe a general attitude that I’m working toward.  It’s an attitude of openness and acceptance, not just with one another but with myself as well.

“We all want to be normal anyways

We all want to be somewhere else than where we live

But that’s not reality, that’s just point of view…”

I’ve lived with a constant feeling that I may not be where I’m supposed to be or that I missing out on living somewhere different. I think it’s easy to tell ourselves that things would be better in a new place, that maybe we would fit in better in the next town over. 

But I’m starting to believe that this is not the case.

We all have a purpose and a role within our community. Even if it’s a role that we may not see, it’s likely that someone else we know does see the difference that we are making. I believe in the idea that someone in my area really does need me in his or her life. I believe that I need a certain person from my community.

“The lengths that we go to to put so much distance between us is staggering

You’re burning alive with stress and life

Both hands in flames trying to hold the fire inside

Drop and roll, repeat line for emphasis

I’ll repeat it and repeat it until you believe it

You’re gonna be ok, say it to me…” 

We can all benefit one from supporting one another.

If we are able to stop pretending we are fine and begin to open up, we can then move forward. We can create an environment of truly caring for one another. We can finally be open to receiving that care when we need it.

I may not always understand all of your struggles, I may not always be able to relate, and I may not always follow through on being a good listener. But I want to understand, and I want to provide comfort and support.

This song speaks to an attitude that I want to work toward, a comfort I want to provide. Sometimes we distance ourselves from the issues we aren’t comfortable talking about. We are different people in different parts of our stories, but we are all capable of sharing love and support.

 - Phil, TWLOHA Summer ‘14 intern 


i still can’t believe jimmy neutron was a real show that aired three seasons and was an oscar niminated movie


i still can’t believe jimmy neutron was a real show that aired three seasons and was an oscar niminated movie

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